Wednesday, February 24, 2010

About my son

Park View,Noida,sec-61 Feb 24'10
This is suvo,my son.He is my only child.Now he 's 20 years old pursuing engineering from a renowened college,IIT ROORKEE.It was very taugh to get admission in such a college Now he is in 3rd year .
We 're very proud of him.From his childhood he was very sincere and dedicated .In every exam in his class he stood first otherwise he used to get upset.Very cooperative child .He used to be very calm child always busy with activity, never get irritate.But he had a very bad habit .He wanted always my full attention that sometimes irritated me. Now i miss all the things .Still now i feel he is that tiny that he was .And i do everything which he likes but the time flies off.After one year he 'll get his degree.Another lapse 'll start....more responsibility.I wish he would be one of the great person in his field. I know whatever he 'll do it would be best for us.He is my friend.I share my best moments as well as bad moments with him and suvo never hides me anything.My friends say he is mama's boy.
Have a nice day!!!!!!!!1

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Park

Park view ,noida,sec 61


in the beginning i's too nervous to post my blog.after so many days today i feel know every evening i go to park for a brisk walk for one hour and that i can't miss.i'm so particular about it that every body discusses about it.when i started to walk i don't know that one day it would be my passion. i reduced a lot of weight also .i'm very fond of eating sweet and chocolates but now a days i don't hesitate to take.apart this i spend one hour with nature and i like it .now this is spring season and the riots of colouful flowers enhance the beauty of the park.after coming back home i feel so fresh .......

my son will come this week as his college will remain close for 'holi' a spring festival. i'm waiting for those days .

Monday, February 22, 2010

Nice Sunday

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Feb,22' 1o


From Saturday I's planning for the Sunday because I get rearly my husband with me on Sunday as he most of the times stay away from home.

The morning was as usual.getting up then breakfast ,work with maid etc ....was occupied.we planned to go out after lunch .thought i'll make a special lunch for him but don't know suddenly my mood changed .I ordered food from restaurant and had it.actually i don't have much to cook . then around 2.30 pm we went out .now a days metro service has started in our city and we try to avail because it is more convenient than taking d car.though we took our car upto sec18 from where we caught metro .our destination was Canught Place and d metro stops at d heart of the city. so no problem.i am very much fond of buying clothes ,shoes.............and now winter sale is on last round so go and grab it.i also like window shopping.

yesterday d place was crowded also.some shooting was going on and d interested people was looking husband didn't allow me do same. however,our purpose was to shop and we did.then came back .

now i eagerly waiting for an another sunday .

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Park View,noida,sec 61
Hi ,
Now a days i everytime think of writing in blog but i don't know i time flies off.doesn't mean i'm too much busy .not at all husband often stays out of d city and my only son,suvo is doing his engineering from iit i stay alone in my house but not lonely.everybody asks me how do i spend my whole day ?sometimes i become astonish!!yes i enjoy my life .though i don't have many friends. i go to watch movie and go for shopping sometimes.that's all.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

happy valentines day to all

Hi Friends,

I'm a new commer in writing d blog.Hope gradually I'd be used to it.Today is valentines day.and every couples are celebrating d day in their own manner but my case is exceptional.Husband is out of city and i'm spending d whole day alone .No messages ,no phone calls.Is this fair?Don't know.