Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sunday, January 20, 2013


The Lake in the sanctuary
Park View Apartments,


This Sunday was very special to me ...after a long gap we went to a picnic with our Balaka (sector 61 Bengali Asssociation)team to Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary.
It was a wet chilly morning but perfect day for going out .We gathered to board on the bus at a common point (gol-chakkar)... . did breakfast in the bus with kochauri and halwa (carrot)!!!After two hours drive from our city  , around 10.30 am we finally reached there.
After having some snacks we set out  to visit the  sanctuary.Earlier it was not so impressive as there are very few  species of birds but the place attracted us . The area is surrounded by a lake ,muddy road through the middle of the jungle, plenty of big green trees,here and there flocks of birds and of course no noise of city were the charms!!!
Some of our teammates , me and my husband started walking to explore something more ...after some time we were lost totally with the chirping of the birds, watching flying of flocks of birds,how the storks and king -fishers were waiting for their prey and engrossed in the calmness of the jungle bathing under the sun ..walked around 5km feeling little bit tired was humming a song ....suddenly we saw a Neel-Gai(in deer family) gazing very near to us.We stopped so that it was not being disturbed but no one did forget to click the creature!!!And no doubt it was a fearless animal  crossed the road in front of us and went away another part of jungle. Our tiredness were gone in a minute and by the time our road  also ended and we came back to our team .
There they were also enjoying with variety of games and adda... as soon we reached there we exchanged our experience and finally  call for a  lunch !!
Bengalis and foods are enticed... so a elaborate lunch with pulao chicken and fish curry ,dal and pokora,chutney and rosgulla.
Then another round of housie ,photo session etc.to make it more memorable  .. .Gradually sun started dimming ,again the  chilly wind started blowing ,birds flying back their nest reminding us to go back.We were completely exhausted but refreshed,  proceeded to board the bus .
No doubt that everyone enjoyed in their own manner!!
I would like to thank the organizer of Balaka to organize such a nice picnic for us.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dawn to Dusk

Park view Apartments,Noida
18th Dec 2012

 The soft rays of the sun peeps into my room ,open my eyes ,a smile on my face to greet the morning ..the quiet and calm light red in color the earth unveiled to me...suddenly the door bell calls ..the poor lad stands at my door with the milk packet ,the newspaper vendor already has thrown the newspaper to pick it up and my day starts off!!!
Sip a cup of darjeeling flavored tea with the reading of newspaper  then another call ...no this time not the door bell it is my son on google talk as he stays in USA..take the call exchange the greetings,share the whole day experience...now the another call ..my maid...welcome her with a smile ..no more tension ..now I can do some other work.I open the door of my balconies my plants swing altogether ..I stare them with a smile and watch who does need the bath et al ...morning becomes midmorning ,listening music,bathing ,cooking ...now afternoon!!!
The earth moves gradually and the sun hides behind the multistorey,birds search for their nest,the pale yellow color covers the air ...suddenly the street lights lit, the bells of temple start ringing ,the priest sings the aarti song...the whole world slips into darkness.The time to return to sweet home ...end of waiting of dear one.News , TVserials, chatting with my man ...the deep black color engulfs ...the end of the day!!
The new hope , the dawn and the next day,the new resolution!!! 

sudeshna23: Preview "Dawn to Dusk"

sudeshna23: Preview "Dawn to Dusk"

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kitty party

park view,noida
28th Aug,2012
  Kitty Party
After 10 days i got some time for you.Yes i was busy first with my kitty party what was held in my house on 22nd.Actually i always prefer to do my kitty party in absence of my husband.because i become so busy for keeping my house squeaky clean then deciding the menu and buying all the materials from market.At that time i can't give any time to my husband two three days.   My kitty friends come on lunch so i had to prepare the items half before a day and i myself can't eat or do other work properly . The only work i do which is my kitty related.This time also i was waiting for my husband's tour.But sometimes what do you think will not happen at all.This is the first time my husband was at home on the party day .He was down with fever. From morning i was busy with cooking ,displaying crockery and cutlery  on dining table,cooked food and salad etc you know.We played tam bola for two rounds before they had the lunch .Everybody liked my mango chatni along with Dal cauliflower subj and malai kofta.Iceceam was also there. Now i am free for one year ..
My maid assisted   me  a lot to make it grand.After lunch it is time for cleaning the utensils and then wiping out and keeping in proper place .Everything took two days .On the other side my husband 's throat infection went up and he lied down completely for two days .From Monday he started  going to the office. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012


park view,

18August 2012


My mind never sits quietly...always runs from here to there and talks to me always.I  address it as Mita means friend.To me Mita is everything ..not a mere friend.That's why I'm introducing her to you and all.

When I was in school I used to write diary regularly but one day I lost it when my father got transferred and we had to move from one place to another..this was a long story.I cried a lot ,my parents searched for it ..I did not get it back. I lost all interest in  writing diary.Mita is nowhere in those days.But she did not like it all .She inspires me   every time but I could not gather courage to start again and now a days she insists me a lot.I cannot see her upset.So here I am!!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

divided in d name of puja

park view,noida-61
hi friends,
everybody knows now i'm a resident of park view.when we shifted here i's sure that we would made our appts one step ahead in comparison to d other apartments.it is a multiplex and stands in the heart of the city.but the people still now stay one step back.
i'm very much spiritual person rather than a religious.i've great respect to all the religion people ,and can't segregate people .according to my opinion we all are God's children and the almighty don't separate us then why we?
last month our administrative committee decided to build a mandir in our appartment premises.i don't know the actual necessary to build a mandir .but know now there are two groups........mandir and non mandir.was it very urgent to divide us?actually in my opinion mandir means some kind of politics as well as discrimination.some people take some advantage.