Sunday, January 20, 2013


The Lake in the sanctuary
Park View Apartments,


This Sunday was very special to me ...after a long gap we went to a picnic with our Balaka (sector 61 Bengali Asssociation)team to Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary.
It was a wet chilly morning but perfect day for going out .We gathered to board on the bus at a common point (gol-chakkar)... . did breakfast in the bus with kochauri and halwa (carrot)!!!After two hours drive from our city  , around 10.30 am we finally reached there.
After having some snacks we set out  to visit the  sanctuary.Earlier it was not so impressive as there are very few  species of birds but the place attracted us . The area is surrounded by a lake ,muddy road through the middle of the jungle, plenty of big green trees,here and there flocks of birds and of course no noise of city were the charms!!!
Some of our teammates , me and my husband started walking to explore something more ...after some time we were lost totally with the chirping of the birds, watching flying of flocks of birds,how the storks and king -fishers were waiting for their prey and engrossed in the calmness of the jungle bathing under the sun ..walked around 5km feeling little bit tired was humming a song ....suddenly we saw a Neel-Gai(in deer family) gazing very near to us.We stopped so that it was not being disturbed but no one did forget to click the creature!!!And no doubt it was a fearless animal  crossed the road in front of us and went away another part of jungle. Our tiredness were gone in a minute and by the time our road  also ended and we came back to our team .
There they were also enjoying with variety of games and adda... as soon we reached there we exchanged our experience and finally  call for a  lunch !!
Bengalis and foods are enticed... so a elaborate lunch with pulao chicken and fish curry ,dal and pokora,chutney and rosgulla.
Then another round of housie ,photo session make it more memorable  .. .Gradually sun started dimming ,again the  chilly wind started blowing ,birds flying back their nest reminding us to go back.We were completely exhausted but refreshed,  proceeded to board the bus .
No doubt that everyone enjoyed in their own manner!!
I would like to thank the organizer of Balaka to organize such a nice picnic for us.

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