Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kitty party

park view,noida
28th Aug,2012
  Kitty Party
After 10 days i got some time for you.Yes i was busy first with my kitty party what was held in my house on 22nd.Actually i always prefer to do my kitty party in absence of my husband.because i become so busy for keeping my house squeaky clean then deciding the menu and buying all the materials from market.At that time i can't give any time to my husband two three days.   My kitty friends come on lunch so i had to prepare the items half before a day and i myself can't eat or do other work properly . The only work i do which is my kitty related.This time also i was waiting for my husband's tour.But sometimes what do you think will not happen at all.This is the first time my husband was at home on the party day .He was down with fever. From morning i was busy with cooking ,displaying crockery and cutlery  on dining table,cooked food and salad etc you know.We played tam bola for two rounds before they had the lunch .Everybody liked my mango chatni along with Dal cauliflower subj and malai kofta.Iceceam was also there. Now i am free for one year ..
My maid assisted   me  a lot to make it grand.After lunch it is time for cleaning the utensils and then wiping out and keeping in proper place .Everything took two days .On the other side my husband 's throat infection went up and he lied down completely for two days .From Monday he started  going to the office. 

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