Wednesday, March 31, 2010

divided in d name of puja

park view,noida-61
hi friends,
everybody knows now i'm a resident of park view.when we shifted here i's sure that we would made our appts one step ahead in comparison to d other is a multiplex and stands in the heart of the city.but the people still now stay one step back.
i'm very much spiritual person rather than a religious.i've great respect to all the religion people ,and can't segregate people .according to my opinion we all are God's children and the almighty don't separate us then why we?
last month our administrative committee decided to build a mandir in our appartment premises.i don't know the actual necessary to build a mandir .but know now there are two groups........mandir and non mandir.was it very urgent to divide us?actually in my opinion mandir means some kind of politics as well as discrimination.some people take some advantage.

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